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12 places to make more money from your website

Looking to leverage your website to make more money? Here’s a whopping 12 ways you can make your website do the heavy lifting when it comes to sales.

Blog Articles

If you are using email marketing to close the sale, make sure all your blog articles have a link to subscribe to your email list, or offer a freebie related to the article.

Alternatively, share a link to one of your own digital products, affiliate links, or an enquiry form for visitors to find out more about working with you.

Resources Page

Share a page that houses all of your affiliate links that you earn a commission on such as digital downloads, courses, and events.

Announcement Bar on the home page

The announcement bar at the top of your home page is a great place to draw attention to your offers. Let people know that you’re booking now, that you have a new digital product, or a new freebie.

Chat box

Chat boxes are a great way to connect with your ideal customers in real time. This provides them with an opportunity to ask further questions if it’s a live chat box, or get help from a chat bot if you’re offline.

lead capture forms

If the main goal of your website is to increase enquiries about your services, then it’s important to share your enquiry form throughout your website with a compelling call to action. Why should they send through an enquiry? What can you help them with?

Calendar availability on the sales page

If you are selling a time sensitive service such as VIP days, or sessions with limited availability, try adding in your bookings calendar to your sales page so your ideal clients can be confident you have the right availability for their needs.

E-commerce shop

Now more than ever is the time to create a passive income stream. Package up any systems or processes you’ve found helpful in your business into a digital product. Make sure you share links to your e-commerce shop on your home page, blog, and social media profiles.

Buy/book buttons

Don’t be coy about asking for the sale. Your customers won’t know what the next step is until you tell them. Make sure your call to action buttons are easy to find, and use them multiple times on your website pages. A good rule of thumb is every two mouse scrolls at least.

Footer Links

Keep important call to actions in your footer, so it’s the last thing your visitors see when they scroll to the bottom of the page. Include your lead capture form, repeat your book now link, or share your email subscribe form.

Create paid membership content

Have some amazing video tutorials, templates, photos or course content you’d like to offer as paid content? Consider offering access to membership pages as a one-off payment, or a recurring subscription. Platforms such as Wix and Squarespace have this capability available on their business plans.

Paid workshops

Have something you can share as a value packed tutorial? Offer it on your website as a live or pre-recorded workshop. If this is something you’re looking to do, I recommend using Wix. Wix has the ability to sell tickets to live online workshops.

Paid 1:1 sessions

Do you spend a lot of time answering the same questions on 1:1 discovery calls or client calls? Consider offering a paid 1:1 session that helps your ideal client through a problem they are experiencing now in their business or life. Again, I recommend wix to be able to do this, as Wix has the ability to add in an appointments booking function into a business plan.


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