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12 ways to boost sales on your ecommerce site

Looking to make more money from your ecommerce website?

Here's a checklist of questions you can ask yourself.

Can your customers easily access customer support though chat boxes or contact forms?

Are your returns and shipping policies easy to find? Clear, transparent policies help to increase trust.

Does your website header include a favourites function for customers to save their shortlist?

How many steps does it take for a customer to check out? Reduce barriers to the sale by providing a one page checkout experience.

Do customers have the option for an express checkout when they click on a particular product?

Does your ecommerce store have the ability to remember the items a customer had placed in the cart? Many customers will come back later to finish the purchase.

Have you set up remarketing campaigns to keep your products tops of mind as your customers browse the internet?

Have you set up an abandoned cart email sequence to encourage customers to complete their purchase?

What’s your shipping and returns experience like?

Do you send updates to let customers know their order has been processed, shipped and is on it’s way? Do products arrive quickly? Do customers receive a thoughtfully packaged product?

How easy is it for customers to return products or make an exchange? This can make or break the likelihood of a customer returning to buy from you, sharing good reviews or referring your store to others.

Do you offer a discount to new customers or new subscribers? This is a great way to encourage first time buyers.

Do you have a currency converter easily visible and available on your site if you plan on making more sales internationally? What are your international shipping and returns policies?

Have you tested your search function? Does it produce the right product results?

Have you tested the filter function? Do you have helpful filter options such as colour, size, category, need, length, occasion, style, material?

Are your product categories descriptive? For example with clothing, Do you have categories that reflect what someone might be looking for? Refrain from using categories such as “the summer collection” that have little meaning to your customers.

Do your pages load fast to allow for a quick and easy shopping experience?

Have you invested in good product photography that showcase just how amazing your product really is?

Have you included a trust bar at the bottom of your website that shows that you have secure checkout, and all the major payment methods?

Have you included reviews, and other important info such as size charts, dimensions, ingredients? Have you shared customer photos such as outfit try-ons, products in their home, or products in use?

Does your product carry special certifications? Have you shown these clearly on every product page?

Have you included your about page? What sets you apart from other e-commerce brands? Why should someone buy from you specifically? What’s your brand story?

Have you included clear close-ups of important product details?

Is your product copy compelling? Would it make a customer excited about buying your product? Have you listed important features in dot points?

What kind of questions might someone ask themselves about your product? Have you answered common FAQ in the product descriptions?

Have you considered providing additional payment methods such as paypal, afterpay, Klarna, or zip pay?

Have you tested your website and checkout experience on a range of different devices?


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