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5 Signs Your Website Needs an Update

Wondering if it's time to refresh your website? Here's 5 signs that it's time for a change.

You are embarrassed to send leads to your website

You know that your site looks dated, messy or unprofessional and you are avoiding sending leads to your website. As a result you're doing a whole lot of unnecessary work going back and forth with leads about your offers over emails or DM and you've had enough!

You have made a pivot or have rebranded

You have recently changed direction with our business either through your offerings or your visual brand, but your website hasn't caught up. It's important to provide your leads with a consistent brand experience so that you can build trust with them.

Your leads keep asking you about your offers in the DMs/emails

Your site is hard to navigate or your offers aren't clear, so instead of your website doing the work, you are spending a lot of time answering questions about your offers in the DMs or email.

You are launching a new offer

You've got an exciting new offer on the way and you want an amazing sales page that does your offering justice! You want you offer to grab your site visitor's attention, communicate it's value and encourage them to invest with you.

You have website traffic, but no one's buying

You've taken a look at your website analytics an can see that you have visitors on your site, but no one is booking a discovery call, appointment or investing in a program. The problem could be your site's design. Perhaps your site is hard to navigate, takes too long to load, looks untrustworthy, or the way you ave presented your offers is unclear.

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