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5 things to consider before you rebrand your business

Are you thinking about a rebrand for your business? Here’s 5 important things to consider before you take the next step.

What are your goals?

What would you like to achieve by rebranding? Are you taking your business in a different direction and the look and feel needs to reflect your new identity? Are you looking to position yourself to appeal to a higher paying client? Are you introducing a new product or offering?

Are you clear on your target audience?

Are you clear on who it is that you would like your branding to connect with and appeal to?

Are you clear on your vision for the business in the big picture?

How does a rebrand get you closer to your big picture vision?

How are you booking clients currently ?

How do your ideal clients interact with your brand? List all the branded experiences you will need to provide for ideal clients and existing clients. Will you need to update your website? Your social media graphics? Your client forms and files?

What is your promo calendar like?

Will the launch of your new brand work in with your promotional calendar? When do you plan to launch your new brand identity?


Thinking of Rebranding?

You want to rebrand successfully but you’re not sure how to be confident that now is the right time.

Well, you can stop wondering.

My free Rebrand Checklist will help you know when it’s the right time to rebrand, and what it will take to rebrand successfully, so you can have the confidence to make the right choice for your business.

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