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5 Things Your Website Needs to Turn Leads Into Clients

Want to turn more website visitors into paying clients? Here's 5 important things that your website needs.

Trustworthy Design

Your leads want to invest with someone that they can trust with their important project. This means that the design of your website matters when it comes to building trust quickly with your leads. I challenge you to take a look at your current site, and ask yourself, would you buy from you? Does your site look neat and professional, or is it chaotic and messy?

Strong Social Proof

Your leads want to see that you have a level of authority in your field, and that you get results. What can you show them to easy any anxiety they may have around investing with you? Display your best testimonials on your home page, sales page, contact page and bookings page. Also display logos of brands that you have worked or collaborated with, or publications / podcasts that you have been featured in.

Easy Wins

Your website visitors don't want to work hard to find out how they can work with you, or to take the next step to book you. Make sure it's super easy to find information about your offerings. Don't bog down the specifics of your offers in large chunks of text. Use large headings and bullet points wherever possible. Also make sure that booking a discovery call, a service or buying a product is a simple process: 1-2 steps max.

Transparent Pricing

One of the most important things your leads are looking for on your website is pricing. Some user's sole reason for visiting our site is to find out the pricing for your offers. Make sure that you have clear and transparent pricing on your sales pages and that you feature the pricing at least halfway up the page - don't make your visitors scroll right to the bottom to discover more about the investment they need to work with you.

Fast Load Speed

Often the reason that your leads don't take any action is that your site simply took too long to load, and they lost interest. People are busier than ever, and as beautiful as your website might be, they don't want to spend a long time hanging out there. Make sure that all of your images are optimised for web, and don't use too many videos that have a negative impact on your load speed. Use a site like Tiny PNG to optimise your imagery for web.

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