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Brand VIP Day vs Custom Branding - What's the Difference?

Are you looking to invest in branding but not sure what type of service is right for you?

Let’s break down the differences between a branding VIP Day and custom branding.

Branding VIP Days

What is it?

A branding VIP day is an express branding experience. We kick off the day with a 1:1 strategy session online, then I spend 8 uninterrupted hours developing your new branding. I’ll send you a PDF of your designs, and you have the chance to make one round of revisions. I’ll make any changes within 48 hours then send you your new branding assets.

Who is it for?

A brand refresh is perfect for you if you are happy with your brand strategy and messaging but need to update the look and feel of your brand to reflect current trends. A refresh is perfect for you if you have trend-aware audiences, are currently positioning your product or service to a premium market, or feel your current brand could look more professional.

What’s Included

  • 60 minute kickoff call

  • Primary and secondary logo

  • Colour palette

  • Font combos

  • Mini style guide

  • 1 x set of branded social media templates for Canva

  • Recorded video training of your new brand

Custom Brand Design

What is it?

Custom brand design, like the name suggests is a package that is custom-made to your needs. No two packages are the same, and I take time to understand your vision and the scope of your project before creating a package and quote for you.

A custom branding package is for you if:

  • you are looking to reposition yourself entirely as a brand

  • your identity and messaging has changed significantly

  • you are pivoting your business into a new service or niche

  • you are launching something new, such as a new suite of services, programs, courses or products.

You are needing a solid strategic foundation for your messaging and your visual identity to build your brand awareness, trust and credibility.You don’t want to cut corners, you want to get it right the first time so that you don’t waste your time blending in or attracting the wrong people. You are tired of a dated or DIY brand-you want to invest in something that you are proud of.

What’s typically included?

A custom package can include:

  • Brand strategy such as positioning, brand voice, messaging, customer profile

  • In-depth style guide with imagery direction, logo usage, colour palettes, fonts

  • Primary logo

  • Secondary Logo

  • Submark

  • Icons

  • Patterns

  • Social media graphics/templates

  • Website design

  • Document design

  • Presentation design

  • Collateral for events

  • Packaging/signage/stationery

  • Pattern and textile design


Thinking of Rebranding?

You want to rebrand successfully but you’re not sure how to be confident that now is the right time.

Well, you can stop wondering.

My free Rebrand Checklist will help you know when it’s the right time to rebrand, and what it will take to rebrand successfully, so you can have the confidence to make the right choice for your business.


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