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What your ideal clients want to see on your website

That you have a solution to their problem. And they want to be able to figure out how you can help them in the first 8 seconds.

They want to understand why you’re the one to help them over anyone else. What’s unique about you?

They want clear and transparent information about the packages you offer so they can trust you. Think price, inclusions, relevant dates/timeframes.

They want to know what life will look like specifically, after they’ve worked with you.

They want to feel a connection to you and your mission.

They want to be able to book in easily and quickly so they can start their transformation.

They want to feel good about their investment, and they want to feel empowered by their choice. (Rather than shamed or FOMO’d into buying because of time pressure or bro marketing copy).


Want to learn how to Master your Sales Page?

You wanted to book more dream clients from your website, like yesterday. But honestly, you’re just not sure how to create a sales page that converts. Well, you can stop wasting time trying to Google “How to create a sales page that converts” In this free PDF Workbook and guide, I’m sharing my Sales Savvy Website Framework, so you can master your high converting sales page today.


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