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How much should I invest in branding?

I went to a networking event recently, and the big question on people’s minds when it came to branding was: “how much should I spend on my branding?”.

It can be nerve-wracking investing in any service. Especially if you felt that the investment was a significant one. You want to make sure that you enjoy a return on your investment.

Today I wanted to ease your mind and give you some confidence about what to expect when it comes to investing in branding.

Firstly, I’ll just say this straight up - there is no hard and fast figure when it comes to investing. What feels amazing and so right for one person, won’t feel good for someone else. It really comes down to you.

Ask yourself these key questions when it comes to investing in a service:

1.What outcome do I want to achieve?

What specifically do I want to achieve by investing in branding? Do I want to raise my prices? Attract better fit clients? Sell out a luxury product? How much am I prepared to invest to make this happen?

2. What figure feels too cheap? What figure feels really good as an investment? What figure feels like too much of a stretch?

Actually sit down and write down some figures till you reach something that would feel amazing for you as an investment in your business.

3.Who am I excited to work with? Where do I feel the pull?

Who do I feel would be the best fit to bring my vision to life? Who am I intuitively drawn to work with? Why?

Some service providers like to encourage their potential clients to hop on a sales call so that they can convince them of the value of working with them, especially if the investment is in the high 4 figure or 5 figures.

Personally, I prefer to treat my clients like responsible adults with the power to make their own informed decisions. I prefer to provide transparent pricing on my sales page and promotions, and I reserve calls for understanding the scope of the project, my potential client’s vision, and checking that we are a good fit to work together.

I know that my prices reflect the transformation that I offer, and that they feel amazing for my clients to invest in. If they don’t feel good for a potential client, I’m not going to try to convince them otherwise.


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