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How to Create a Website In A Day with Showit

Need to launch your website fast? Here's how to create and launch your website in an afternoon with the Showit website platform.

HOURS 1-2 - Do the Prep Work

Often the reason that websites can take so long to create and launch, is due to a lack of preparation. Not having the right assets on hand prevents the job from being simple and easy.

Here's what you should collect in the first hour of your website project:

  • Do yourself a favour and select a premade template such as these ones here

  • Purchase your domain name if you have not done so already, and have the login details handy for site launch

  • Collect all your chosen imagery into a folder. Go to TINY PNG and optimise all the images for web. Use Unsplash if you need extra stock photos.

  • If you are using custom fonts, prepare them for web by going to Transfonter, and selecting WOFF as the format (web friendly fonts)

  • Have any colour codes handy if you have custom brand colours

  • Have your website copy handy to copy and paste. P.S. My website templates have inbuilt copy prompts to make your life easier when it comes to writing copy for your offers and website pages. Check them out here

  • Have any additional links handy, such as your affiliate links, or bookings portals

  • If you need to embed a scheduler, bookings platform or opt-in, have the embed HTML handy

HOUR 3 - Paste in the copy

Designing your site will be easier if you paste in the copy first, as this will impact the layout of your site and space available. If you are using custom fonts, upload them using these directions HERE and update your site styles using these directions HERE. Paste in all the copy into the pages that you will need to launch your site. Make any layout tweaks to accomodate your copy, and always check the mobile view.

HOUR 4 - Imagery

Upload all imagery into the media section of Showit and substitute the existing images in the template for your imagery.

HOUR 5 - Customise your brand

Customise any backgrounds, shapes or buttons to your brand colours using the design settings.

HOUR 6 - Links and embedding

Add in any links to your call to action buttons to other pages, or outside URLS.

Embed any schedulers, or appointment bookings portals if this is relevant

HOUR 7 - Test

Time to test your site! Check all mobile views display correctly, and use the site preview link to check the site display. test all links work and lead where they are supposed to.

HOUR 8 - Launch!

Follow these instructions on how to connect your domain to Showit and launch your site!

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