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How to master the art of a great sales page

Let’s be honest for a second. Being an online service provider can be pretty tough at times. You feel like you spend more time marketing your business than you do delivering your service to your clients. Whether it’s talking about your offers on social media, blocking off times during the week for sales calls, or spending hours in the DMS, it all takes away from the time that you get to be in your zone of genius doing the work that you love.

You’re growing a business that supports your lifestyle. Maybe you’d even like a team that supports you as you surpass 5k, 10k, 20k and beyond months. You know that you’ll need the right people and the right tools at your disposal to help you on this journey because at the end of the day, the time of one person alone is limited, especially as our business grows.

One of the best ways for your business to support you as you grow, is to have a website with a well defined sales and bookings process that converts your audience into clients.

A conversion driven website will help you:

  • Automate your sales, so that you can spend less time on sales calls and in the DM’s

  • Position you as the expert authority in your niche

  • Give you your time back to spend in your zone of genius

Does an upgrade to your sales process sound marvellous? Whip out your journal and start to list the ways that you’ll spend that extra free time. But before you do, I wanted to give you some of my best tips for mastering the art of a great sales page.

Firstly, let’s look at the Key Elements of Conversion

Core Benefit

The first step to improving your sales page is to check that the core benefit of your service has been clearly communicated. Put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor to your site. They are busy, and they are most likely a little distracted with a million and one things to do today. Can a first time visitor to your site quickly find out how your service can best benefit them? Don’t make them work hard for the key information that they need to make their investment decision. You can make things easier for them by:

  • Stating the core benefit on the Hero banner of your sales page (first banner at the top that they see)

  • Include 2-3 concise sentences addressing your core benefit underneath the hero banner. E.G Sub benefits, or explain the core benefit in a little more detail

  • Avoid using large, waffly chunks of text on the sales page. Keep it short and punchy, Always


In the same thread, your site needs to be easy to navigate both on desktop and on mobile. Don’t forget to optimise your site for mobile, because if social media is your main traffic generator, your users will be viewing on mobile.

If you are a service provider with a 1:1 offering, done for you package or VIP day, the goal of your sales page is to get bookings. Make this process as easy as possible for your prospective new client by:

  • Repeating your call to actions throughout your sales page, and make them clear, bold and easy to read by putting them in a sans serif font with a high contrasting box around it

  • Break up sections of your sales page with colour blocks or other visual markers

  • Include a section on the sales page that has the key info about your package, and the investment needed (this is especially important if you are wanting to reduce/eliminate sales calls)

Social Proof

There’s nothing like hearing a great transformational story from a past client of yours to inspire your user to take action.

Want to increase your conversion? Include 3 -5 great testimonials on the sales page. What does a great testimonial look like?

  • Tangible Results - Results that can be quantified, or are super easy to understand. Eg, 50% more sales, 5 more bookings per month, 10 hours less a week

  • Visceral feelings-Feelings that your client has felt in their body. EG Sally went from feeling drained and having tension headaches all day long, to feeling calm and focussed and full of energy for her midday pilates

  • Don’t have testimonials yet? Ask past clients for results based testimonials, or visceral testimonials. Or share your own transformative story


Use your sales page to demonstrate that you are the best fit for your prospective client’s needs. You can do this by:

  • addressing your prospective client’s current reality using the key words and phrases that they are using right now to describe their situation. What are the feelings that they feel in their body. What are the questions that they are skiing themselves, or asking others online?

  • Compare and contrast their current reality with their desired reality. Keep this scannable by using a few short dot points (don’t write a huge chunk of text detailing their life story

  • Avoiding using words that shame them and make them feel crappy about their current situation. You are here to serve, guide and support, not to manipulate them into a sale


Want to learn how to Master your Sales Page?

You wanted to book more dream clients from your website, like yesterday. But honestly, you’re just not sure how to create a sales page that converts.

Well, you can stop wasting time trying to Google “How to create a sales page that converts” In this free PDF Workbook and guide, I’m sharing my Sales Savvy Website Framework, so you can master your high converting sales page today.


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