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How to use keywords to book more clients off your sales page

When it comes to making more bookings in your service based business, your sales page is your best ally. However without the right keywords, it’s unlikely that your prospective client will be compelled to take action and book in for your service.

So how can you ensure that your keywords are turning your sales page into the bookings machine that it should be?

The key (pun intended) is to have a simple workflow that allows you to improve your keywords over time, based on market research and experience. Here is my super easy workflow for collecting keywords that compel your prospective clients to book.

This workflow can be used for messaging throughout your entire business, not just on your sales page (you’re welcome).

Keyword Workflow

  • Create a spreadsheet with the columns: DATE | QUESTION (S) ASKED | RESPONSE | ANALYSIS | KEYWORDS | PHRASES

  • Spend 30 minutes a week (or more if you need to collect a lot of data) collecting data from your audience. Ask them about their current reality, their goals, their preferences, and their perceived solution to the problem they are facing. You can do this by posting poll stickers on instagram, creating a survey monkey and asking your audience to respond either on social media, or email marketing. Another technique I like to do is to find a leader in the industry that your target audience is following. Go to one of their most commented posts and look through the comments for gold from your target audience.

  • Paste the data into your spreadsheet

  • Over time, pull out key words and phrases that you see occurring over and over again, and put them into the keywords/phrases columns

  • Look over your keywords, and add these into the sales copy of your website in the following places: The transformation statement in the hero banner of your website Create a persona based on your research of your client’s current reality vs their desired reality - eg tired and overworked sally vs thriving rachael Use these keywords and phrases to create objections to your services, and bust those objections on your sales page Use keywords in your call to actions eg “I’m ready for financial abundance” Use them in the description of your service and it’s benefits

  • Update your social media bios using these keywords, so that they are congruent with your sales page.

  • Rinse and repeat - as you do more research and collect more insights, swap and change keywords based on the words your audience ACTUALLY says.


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