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The big 4 buyer personas that your website needs to convert to be most effective.


The biggest question on this person’s mind, is Why You?

What sets you apart? What’s your special sauce? How are you uniquely equipped to solve their problem?


I like to call them the TLDR types. These are your hottest leads. They’re not fussed with the details, they just want their problem solved, and if they like you enough, they’ll be typing in those credit card details. They love momentum and the idea of a quick and effortless solution. They want to see prices, bookings buttons, next steps.


These are the types that have probably stalked your sales page a few times prior. I call them the wallflower (because it sounds much nicer and more respectful than lurker let’s be honest). They’re slower decision makers, they’ll sit back for a while (probably watch all your insta stories) until they feel a deeper connection with you. Above all, they’re your emotional buyers and they love your longer form sales pages.


These are your most logical buyers. They want solid social proof and to see results. They can be slower to make investment decisions as they tend to be risk averse. If you watch them on your sales page, they skip straight to the testimonial and the trust bar and hang out there for a while. They’re great at vetting services and if they’re served will, will give you some of your most excellent testimonials.

Which one of these buyer personas do you identify with most? Do you see yourself in a few of these?


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