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Things in Showit You Didn't Know You Could Do

Showit is well-known as an easy to edit website platform that creates beautiful designs. You might have mastered the basics of Showit already, but there's plenty more to discover!

Here's a handy list of things you might not know that you can achieve with Showit.

Add in a video background

Including video on your website is a great way to capture your visitor's attention and keep them engaged with your webpage for longer. Video Backgrounds are easy to create in Showit and do wonders when it comes to breaking up your page visually.

Find out how to add in a background HERE

Custom Shapes

You can now create on-trend shapes, and image frames in Showit. These are great for adding a bit of interest to the page and to liven up a bland layout.

Find out how to create custom shapes HERE

Embedding your Practitioner or Clinic Platform

Are you a wellness practitioner, studio or clinic? The good news it that it's easy to embed your bookings platform in Showit so that you can accept bookings straight from your website.

Some examples of platforms that you could embed include:




Find out how to embed HTML code HERE

Using grids to design easier

Gridlines can now be turned on in Showit to help you lay out elements intentionally.

You can also enable Smart guides to easily see alignment related the canvas and other elements. Snapping can now now be enabled to quickly align elements to gridlines, canvas dimensions, and in relation to other elements. Toggle on/off with ⌘ + ; (Mac) or Ctrl + ; (Windows)

Find out how to create use grids HERE

Set your page up as a sales funnel

Want to promote a standalone offer or freebie that doesn't link back to your main website? No problem, just delete your website header from your page design!

Migrate an existing blog

Are you moving your website over to Showit but are worried about the impact this will have on your blog traffic? No worries, the team at Showit can migrate over your blog for you.

Find out about blog migration HERE

Create Colour Changeable Custom Icons

Sick of the same icon set provided by Showit? Not to worry, there's a way to add in custom icons whose colour you can change as you please.

Find out how to create custom icons HERE

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