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What most businesses get wrong about branding

Effective branding attracts ideal clients and builds trust which leads to more sales.

But there’s a lot that businesses get wrong about branding.

Let’s bust some of the most common misconceptions:

Branding should reflect the latest trends

No - unless you are selling to a very trend sensitive audience, your brand does not need to keep up with all the latest trends. What’s more important is that the look and feel of your brand reflects who you are as a business, and that it attracts your ideal client.

It’s all about you

Your brand exists to serve your clients and customers. Without them, there is no business. Your brand messaging, values and identity should be crafted with the wants and needs of your ideal clients at the centre.

The logo is most important

Your logo is one piece of the branding suie, it is not your brand. Sure, it’s a tool to help build instant recognition, but your brand is everything you do within your business to attract and serve your clients.

It’s exclusively visual

Again, no - your brand is everything you do within your business to attract and serve your clients. Good branding begins with strategy, that forms the foundation for all your visual assets, communications and operations as a business.

It’s a one and done exercise

Branding your business doesn’t finish the moment that you sign off on your new logo design.

Branding is an ongoing process that begins with your strategy and filters down through everything that you do. Businesses that have long-lasting brand identities have learnt to listen to their ideal clients and evolve, while still staying true to their vision and identity.

It should be perfect

It’s true that a strong, visual presence builds trust, attracts the attention of the right people, and creates an enjoyable brand experience. But don’t get trapped by perfectionism, it’s better to share something good, than something perfect. You can improve over time.

You should focus on being better than your competitors

It’s important to have an awareness of the key players in the market in which you operate. It’s important to know how you differ from them. It’s counterproductive to focus on your competition instead of on the wants and needs of your ideal clients. They’re the ones paying the bills after all, not your competition.


Thinking of Rebranding?

You want to rebrand successfully but you’re not sure how to be confident that now is the right time.

Well, you can stop wondering.

My free Rebrand Checklist will help you know when it’s the right time to rebrand, and what it will take to rebrand successfully, so you can have the confidence to make the right choice for your business.


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