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Why Your Website's Not Converting

Wondering if your website could be making you more sales? Well this video is for you.

Hi I’m Marielle Davis and as a brand and web designer, my templates and services have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs stand out and attract their dream clients.

Today I’ll be doing a deep dive into why your website is not converting into sales.

  • The first thing that I want to mention here is about the term high converting, which is used a lot in the web design industry to describe a website that brings in lots of sales right? But what does high converting actually mean? Well probably not what you think. In the B2B sector, a high converting website is one that converts between 2-11% of your traffic - 11% being at the higher end of the spectrum. So if you’re converting 11% of your website traffic, you are doing fantastically well. If your site is converting under 2% or not at all, well there’s some work to do.

  • Another common reason your site doesn’t convert, is that it’s just not getting the numbers. Maybe you thought, If I build it, they will come! But without a solid marketing strategy to drive decent numbers to your site, it will never convert!

  • Another reason is you didn’t research your audience. Without knowing what it is people want from you, its going to be really hard for your site to do it’s job - which is make you money right. And when you don’t do your research it leads to website copy and branding that doesn’t connect, and your site visitors bouncing away. Also if you haven’t done your research, you might have the most amazing, site, branding, copy, everything, but your offer isn’t strong enough. Even the best site won’t sell an offer that no one wants.

  • Another common reason your sites not converting is that the design is unprofessional or hard to navigate. If your site looks really amateur, it’s going to erode trust in your business and make it hard for people to feel confident investing in your services. And if it’s hard work to navigate your site, you are leaving money on the table because no one wants to work hard when it comes to purchasing something, let’s face it.

  • let’s talk about the header of your site because this one is pretty common. When it comes to keeping people on your website, your header is your best realestate. Make sure it clearly and succinctly describes the transformation you offer above the fold- so the first thing your visitors see.

  • Next let’s talk about imagery. If you are watching this, then most likely you are a solopreneur, or you have a small team. Check your website - do you have any images of yourself or your team? People like to buy from people, and being able to put a face to the brand helps you gain their trust.

  • The next thing to look at is social proof. This can be testimonials, reviews, screenshots, or a counter for the number of people helped or number of happy customers. It can also be things like brands you have collaborated with, or where you been featured. These go a long way to encouraging people to buy from you. Without them it’s much much harder to make a sale.

  • Another common mistake I see is a lack of pricing. Being transparent about your pricing allows people to trust you, and takes away the anxiety of making an investment with you. Always include clear pricing with any offering available on your website.

  • Another one is just that your site has too many large images and loads too slow. If you haven’t noticed, people are pretty impatient these days, and if your site takes more than like two seconds to load, you can expect people to bounce away. Always make sure your mages are optimised for web, so approx 500k or less.

  • The next issue I see relates to copy. People don’t read they scan, and perhaps your message has gotten bogged down in too much text. If this is the case, you are asking your potential buyer to work really hard to discover how it is that you can help them, and you’ve lost the sale.

  • And finally, the last point I wanted to mention was that your site wasn’t optimised for devices. More than half of your users will be visiting your site on mobile r tablet, and if its not up to scratch, they’ll quickly leave. Always double check that your pages look neat, tidy and easy to navigate on mobile and tablet.

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