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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Rebrand

Branding can be a huge waste of your time and money if not done strategically, so if you are looking to nail your brand, this video is for you. Hi I’m Marielle Davis and as a brand and web designer, my templates and services have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs stand out and attract their dream clients. Today I’ll be diving into the 5 questions you should ask yourself, before branding your business.

  • Question ONE: How well do I know my target audience?

Before you dive headfirst into your branding project, the first thing you should do is research your audience. What kinds of brands typically appeal to them? What kind of look and feel would attract them and make them understand that your product or service is for them? Get clear on this before you do anything else.

  • Question TWO: What story do I want to tell with my visuals?

The next thing you should be asking yourself is what story should my visuals tell? Who am I as a brand and what makes me unique? Asking yourself these questions will allow you to create a look and feel for your brand that is distinctive, and memorable.

  • Question THREE:

How much time am I realistically prepared to invest n this project? Do you have the time available to invest into working 1:1 with a designer, or by DIYing yourself? How much time per week are you prepared to invest into this project fr it to be successful?

  • Question FOUR: What’s my budget?

How much are you prepared to invest in this project? What figure feels too cheap? What figure feels really good as an investment? What figure feels like too much of a stretch? Get clear on how much you would like to invest into this project. If your budget is not as large as you’d like it to be, that’s ok. There’s plenty of options available to you including design VIP days, and templates.

  • Question FIVE: What brand assets will I need for the rebrand to be successful?

There’s no point rebranding your business if you don’t actually have anything at the end of it that you can use. Before you start your project, ask yourself, what will I need on hand to promote my business? Will I need social media graphics, a website, flyers, signage, packaging? List out every possible thing that will need to be branded. This will give you a clear idea of the scope of the project, especially if you are working 1:1 with a designer, they will need to know what assets to create for you.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to test if your brand is effective in attracting the right people, take my 7 second Brand test:


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