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10 Things Your Pilates Studio Website Needs

Generating leads from your pilates studio website is an important part of your studio's post-launch success. Make sure you make the most of your online presence by having a website that encourages more visitors to submit an enquiry form, or sign up to a class. How do you actually create a site that supports your growth as a business?

Here's a few pointers:

1. Include an enticing introductory offer

A great way to encourage new signs ups is to give them an easy to access taster of your classes. You could try an open day, 5 classes for $50, bring a friend or any incentive to allow as many potential new clients as possible to experience your studio's difference. Make sure that your offer is featured across the whole site to maximise your visitor's exposure to the offer.

2. A site that loads quick and is easy to navigate

Put yourself in your site visitor's shoes. They are busy, distracted, and want to find out the need-to-know info about your studio and classes as quick as possible. Perhaps they are researching studio options on their lunch break or while watching TV at night. It's important that you capture their interest as quick as possible by having a site that loads fast, and gives them information like class pricing, timetables, location and class types quickly and easily.You can ensure a fast loading site by using a tool like Tiny PNG to compress your images before you upload them to your site.

3. Transparent pricing

As someone who enjoys weekly reformer pilates classes, I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing the pricing for the class, or for a weekly/monthly membership. Having clear, transparent pricing on your website is a great way to build trust with potential clients, and encourage more sign ups. Many site visitors will feel discouraged if pricing information is not visible, or feel that reaching out to enquire about pricing is too daunting. Include options such as your casual class price, as opposed to your weekly price, VIP price or other options that you may have.

4.Lead capture forms

Include an enquiry form on every page of your site. This way it is less effort for site visitors to submit an enquiry, as they do not need to navigate to the right page to submit the form. The less steps and less effort that a person needs to take to complete an enquiry, the more enquiries you will have.

5. Photos of your pilates studio. Video is even better.

Your potential clients want to get a feel for your studio, and find out if they will enjoy the experience of working out there. Some clients may feel anxious about whether they will fit in and be welcome at your studio. Ease any concerns your potential clients may have by showing them around your studio with professional images, or even better, with a well created video that guides them around the space. Let your site visitors know who your studio is created for, and what steps you take to make them feel welcome in your space.

6. A clear point of difference

Your site visitors may be researching a few different options, so take the opportunity to stand out and show them what sets you apart. Include your mission statement, and any values that your studio operates by. Keep your brand identity such as graphics, colours fonts and imagery consistent throughout every page of your site. This way you will be more memorable when they make their decision.

7. Client testimonials

Many of your site visitors will want to know what others think of your studio. They will be asking themselves questions like:

"Will I enjoy working out here?"

"What's the vibe like?"

"What kind of results might I expect?"

"Is this a worthwhile investment?"

Put their mind at ease by asking your current or former clients for their feedback on the studio, value for money, and ask them to share any results they have enjoyed from your classes or services.

8. Clear class descriptions

Some of your potential clients may be newbies, and won't fully understand your offerings. Make it clear what types of classes you have on offer with descriptions for each of your classes, and avoid using any industry jargon that may be confusing.

9. Your class timetable

Your potential clients will want to know if your class timetable will work in with their work, family and other commitments before they signup as a member. Make sure that your timetable is up to date, and easily accessible on the website.

10. FAQs

Take the time to include an FAQ section for your classes to dispel any myths or ease any anxieties that your potential clients may have.


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