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How to tweak your website to sell your services on autopilot

Have you ever woken up and checked your emails, hoping to see another booking of your 1:1 service - but sadly it wasn’t there? All that time and effort spent nurturing your leads, taking sales calls, feeling elated at the possibility of a booked out month, only to find that your prospect didn’t take that last step and book in your service?

Perhaps you ARE waking up to find a booking notification in your inbox, but you’d like this to be a much more regular occurrence. You’d like there to be a whole lot more ease to the process, you’d like to feel that you can make more sales on autopilot.

The good news is, your website is an asset that can help you close the sale.

Your website SHOULD, frankly, be closing the sale, on your behalf. If it’s not, your website is not doing its job.

So how can you increase the conversion rate of your website in order to book more of those dream clients?

Here’s a few insider tips….

Ask yourself, what is the actual GOAL of your site?

It seems simple when you read it here, but goal setting is the most overlooked aspect of website creation.

A website with many different features and add-ons might seem impressive, but most of the time, these extra add-ons actually distract from the main goal of your site - to book clients.

Many marketing “gurus” will tell you that you need an email opt-in front and centre. Maybe they will tell you that you need a blog. Another piece of advice that I see spread around like peanut butter, is that you need a cool behind the scenes video or sales webinar to wow your audience.


You actually don’t need any of these things. What you need to do, is be CLEAR on the goal of your site. Are you a done for you service provider? Your site needs to book clients. Are you a digital product creator? Your site needs to make it easy for customers to buy from you. Do you sell a course or membership? It should be a no-brainer for your students to sign up off of your website.

Don’t direct them away from the goal

DO NOT give your prospective clients and customers a reason to click away from the goal of the site. Wherever possible, have only ONE link on your primary sales page. For example, your call to action buttons should all link to your booking portal such as Dubsado, or perhaps the payment cart.

Some of you who are reading this will ask: “ What if they are not ready to buy? Wouldn’t they prefer to go read a blog article or download an opt-in to get to know me better?”

My answer to that question is simple. Have a good think about where your website traffic is coming from. If you don’t know, make sure you have site analytics of some kind installed on your site - such as google analytics. This will tell you the main sources of your traffic. Chances are, they have come from social media, or your email list. And if you think about it, your prospects are already being nurtured by the platform that they came from. If they are not ready to buy, they will continue to be nurtured by you. They belong to the platform that’s driving traffic to your site.

Reduce friction to the sale

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes as you look over your sales page. Your customer is excited to buy / book. They can’t wait to put their current reality behind them and embrace the new reality that they believe your product or service will provide for them. They’ve been watching you on instagram stories. Perhaps they have been opening and reading your emails. They are DONE with having this problem in their life. They are ready to move forward.

All they need to feel now, is a little bump of assurance that YOU are the one that will help them achieve this next goal. Just that last 1% in the journey.

They feel a little dopamine hit as they click BOOK NOW. They have committed, and it feels good.

That 1% makes all the difference between waking up with an email confirmation that you dream client has booked, or not.

That 1% is the friction to the sale. Friction can include vague call to actions, copy that is hard to read, too much copy, a confusing layout, not having testimonials to increase trust, to name a few.

So put yourself in your client’s shoes, and ask yourself, is my message clear and concise or is it getting lost in too much copy? Are my call to actions bold and clear? Is my transformation clearly stated? Would I book this service if I was them?

Don’t make it difficult for your client to get the information that they need to complete the last 1% of the journey.

So there you have it, three insider tips to make more sales on autopilot.


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